Back in mid 2017, after a few people started asking how I had made some stuff in my renders, I started flirting with the idea of making videos to help people out with Blender. I put it off for a couple of months, but eventually I recorded a few videos and started editing them. I never really finished any, but I ended up going back to them at the start of the new year.
The channel's name is Licuadora3D, which translates to Blender3D. Not very creative, I know, but I'm lazy. The channel is targeted to the Spanish-speaking audience. While English might be the most obvious choice, I think there aren't that many Blender videos out there in Spanish. Besides, making videos in Spanish is already hard as it is. Making them in English would be even harder and exhausting... again, I'm lazy.
Rather than having step by step how-to videos from the get-go, I wanted to start the channel focusing on teaching the concepts of how stuff works in Blender, before moving on to making specific assets or scenes, while teaching concepts at the same time.  It is not a course you can follow to learn Blender, it is intended to be more of a repository of tips and general knowledge.
If you are Spanish-speaking, head over to the channel by clicking on the logo at the top of this page, check out the videos, subscribe and drop a like if you find them useful.
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